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Welcome to our photo gallery.  Here you will find pictures of all types of motorcycles and other vehicles that have been outfitted with custom made exhaust system by EPCO.

  The Sport Muffler
  Harley Davidson
  Moto Guzzi
(Updated!  New Triumph Low Bonneville Muffler added on 4/23/08 with video & sound clip)
  Trucks & Street Rods




The sport mufflers fit /5/6/7 BMW's,  Moto Guzzi Ambassadors and
Eldorado's, Moto Guzzi G5's and converts, and we have even made them to fit /2 BMW's. (pic1) (pic2)
-  All SS Construction
-  Straight through glass packs
-  Original mounting brackets
-  Good tone
-  Highly polished

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The /5 mufflers fit the BMW /5 models which were made from 1970 thru 1973. They have a bullet end just like the originals and have all of the cutouts for the brake pedal and axle put in with dies.  Mechanical baffle assembly and are slightly louder than stock.  In fact they sound like a /6/7 since that is the baffle assembly that we use.  They are constructed entirely of 304 stainless and are the same size and mounting as the stock items. (pic)

BMW /6  with our headers and pipes (pic)

BMW /6, /7 mufflers & pipes   (pic1) (pic2)

BMW R60 /2  with headers and pipes (pic)

BMW /2  hubcap  (pic)

BMW /2 Headlight Rim with washers & bolts (pic1) (pic2) (pic3)

BMW R100 header pipe  (pic

BMW R69 conversion (pic)

BMW R1100R dual exhaust system (pic1) (pic2) (pic3)

BMW R100R and Mystics (pic1) (pic2) (pic3) (pic4) (Movie w/ sound)

BMW K75 : All stainless construction; mechanical baffle give good performance and a great sound ; limited lifetime warranty. (pic1) (pic2) (pic3)

BMW R1200 C: All stainless inside and out. Straight through glass packed perforated core muffler. Stainless billet hanger and clamp arrangement for the crossover. Oxygen sensor in the crossover. End cap is removable to repack the muffler

CONVERSION SYSTEMS: Here's some pictures of one of our conversion systems that allows you to install a later model motor into an old /2 frame.  You can buy just the mufflers with an extended inlet or we have the headers and mufflers which is what is on this bike. (pic1) (pic2)

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Harley Low Rider  (pic)

Harley EVO Sportster (pic)

Evolution Sportster - All stainless glass pack mufflers and pipes.  These are available separately and do not have to be ordered as a set.  The mufflers are packed with a high quality hi-temp fiberglass that is made specifically as a muffler packing.  These have a nice deep tone to them and they make the sportsters sound like a big motor Harley.  Nice polished end and the inner core is removeable for repacking.  We also have a non perforated tube that slips into the muffler so you can run straight pipes but they will look like a muffled pipe.  The headers are also stainless and as you can see from the photos they pretty much copy the stock pipes.  They are available as drag pipes (which are longer) or as pipes for the mufflers. (pic1) (pic2) (pic3) (pic4) (pic5) (pic6) (pic7) (pic8) (pic9

Shovelhead One Piece Pipe & Muffler System (pic)
     - Great Sound
     - Type 304SS Construction
     - 1 3/4" 16 GA Type 304SS Pipes
     - Mufflers are 18 GA 304SS

Custom two-into-one (pic1) (pic2) (pic3) (pic4) (Movie w/ sound)

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Honda 1100 Shadow tourer with sport mufflers. Glass packed and all stainless construction.  Bolts on just like the stock mufflers with removable baffle giving you the ability to repack the mufflers if necessary (pic1) (pic2) (pic3) (pic4)

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Norton Commando 750/850 Mufflers  (pic1) (pic2)

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Moto Guzzi - Ambassador & Eldorado Mufflers (pic)

Moto Guzzi Ambassador & Eldorado Sport Mufflers (pic1) (pic2) (pic3)
-  304 SS Construction
-  Straight through glass packs
-  Available with or without crossover tube
-  Highly polished

Moto Guzzi - Mufflers for 850T's up thru T-3's and the V1000 Convert and G5. All stainless with a choice of baffles either mechanical or glass packs (pic1) (pic2) (pic3) (pic4

Moto Guzzi - 1985 LeMans 1000 with Reensport Muffles that were outfitted by Epco with new baffles and stainless steel end caps.  (pic 1) (pic 2) (movie w/sound)

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Low Bonneville.  (pic1) (pic2) (pic3) (VIDEO & SOUND CLIP)

Triumph Bonneville . All stainless construction,  seamless appearance,  highly polished, side stand stop that handles both the side stand and the center stand. Straight through glass packs utilizing high quality muffler grade fiberglass packing with a perforated stainless core. Limited lifetime warranty that covers baffles breaking, cracking, or perforation due to corrosion, and very highly polished.  Nice mellow tone. (pic1) (pic2)

2000 Triumph Thunderbird with our sport mufflers.  Great sound.  Glass packed and all stainless construction.  Bolts on just like the stock mufflers with removable baffle giving you the ability to repack the mufflers if necessary. (pic1) (pic2) (VIDEO & SOUND CLIP)

2003 Triumph Speedmaster.  Very similar to our sport mufflers in the fact that they are glass packs and use the same internal parts.  The biggest difference is they are straight and slash cut.  All 304 stainless construction inside and out with the exception of the fiberglass packing.   Bolt on just like the stockers with removable baffle giving you the ability to repack the mufflers if necessary and have a nice deep tone that's reminiscent of the old Triumph's. (pic1) (pic2)

Speedmaster - Extra Long 45" Mufflers (pic1) (pic2)

Speedmaster - Straight Cuts (pic1)

Speedmaster - Slash Cuts (pic1)

Triumph Thruxton:  All 304 stainless construction inside and out   Straight through glass packed baffle using a perforated stainless core incorporating slip joints to prevent cracking. Mounts designed to utilize the stock vibration dampeners. Stand stop on the left muffler. All welds ground and polished off.  Very highly polished and actually shine better than a lot of chrome items. Nice sound level and tone (pic1)  (pic2(pic3) (pic4)  Hear these awesome new muffles sound HERE

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Victory V92TC mufflers (pic 1) (pic 2) (pic 3) (pic 4) (pic 5)

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Vincent Mufflers  (pic)

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SS Axles for: (pic
-  BMW /2, /5, /6, /7
- Motoguzzi - Ambassador & Eldorado

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Truck & Street Rod Mufflers  (pic)

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