Which pubs in Cardiff offer live Welsh folk music?

As the capital city of Wales, Cardiff is a hub of activity and culture, boasting a vibrant nightlife scene. Among the city's notable attractions are its pubs, many of which feature live music performances. In particular, Welsh folk music, deeply embedded in the national culture, finds a vibrant platform in these establishments. This article aims to guide you through some of the best pubs in Cardiff where you can enjoy live performances of Welsh folk music, offering an authentic Welsh experience.

The Pubs With Welsh Heartbeat

Cardiff has a rich history of Welsh folk music, and there's no better place to experience it first-hand than in the pubs, where the people and the music are as authentic as it gets. Each venue has its unique characteristics and charm, creating a diverse collective of options for any music enthusiast.

Clwb Ifor Bach

Located on Womanby Street, a narrow alley known for its thriving nightlife, Clwb Ifor Bach, also known as "The Welsh Club," is a much-loved institution in Cardiff's music scene. This venue is well-renowned for promoting Welsh music and language, hosting a variety of live performances, including pulse-racing Welsh folk music. Here, you will get to hear the best of local talents.

Gwdihŵ Café Bar

Gwdihŵ Café Bar, located in Guildford Crescent, has become a favourite spot for many because of its eclectic music and laid-back atmosphere. Its vibrant exterior, covered in colourful murals, gives you a hint of the creativity found inside. The venue frequently hosts live folk music events, offering a platform for emerging Welsh folk musicians.

Experiencing Folk Music in Cardiff's City Centre

The city centre area of Cardiff is a bustling hub of activity, boasting several venues where you can catch live Welsh folk music performances. The city centre creates a perfect backdrop for an evening of music and drinks, with numerous pubs offering a blend of traditional and contemporary folk music.

The Live Lounge

The Live Lounge, located on The Friary, is your quintessential city centre pub. From midday till midnight, the venue hosts live music, followed by a DJ set that runs into the wee hours of the morning. While their music range is vast, the Live Lounge regularly features Welsh folk music, providing a cosy, inviting venue to enjoy the tunes.


Just across from the Cardiff Castle, you will find Dempseys on Castle Street. This Irish pub offers a warm welcome and a great taste of Welsh music. On certain nights, they host live folk music sessions where you can enjoy the unique sounds of Welsh folk music alongside your pint.

Folk Music on Cardiff's Pub Street

Cardiff’s renowned ‘pub street’, St Mary Street, is known for its lively atmosphere and vast selection of bars and pubs. It's a prime location for nightlife and, in particular, for those looking to delve into the local music scene.

Elevens Bar & Grill

Owned by Welsh football legend Gareth Bale, Elevens Bar & Grill is a bustling venue on St Mary Street. While it's known as a sports bar, it also stages live music events, including Welsh folk performances. Its sleek, modern interior pairs well with the thrilling music performances, making for a memorable night out.

The Old Market Tavern

A traditional pub on the same street, the Old Market Tavern has a calm and welcoming atmosphere. The venue hosts regular live music nights, with a focus on local Welsh artists. It provides a platform for Welsh folk music, where the enjoyable tunes are matched by the pub's extensive drink menu.

Cardiff Bay: A Destination for Live Music

Cardiff Bay is a vibrant area of the city, laden with bars and restaurants. With the beautiful waterfront as a backdrop, it's also a location where numerous music events and festivals take place.

The Welsh Cider and Perry Pub

The Welsh Cider and Perry Pub is a must-visit in Cardiff Bay. It's a unique venue that specialises in offering local drinks, including a variety of Welsh ciders and perry. They often have live music in the evenings, with Welsh folk music being a regular feature.

The Waterguard

The Waterguard, situated near the Cardiff Bay Barrage, offers a picturesque setting for a night out. This traditional pub not only offers a great selection of beers and ales but also hosts live music events, where Welsh folk music often takes centre stage.

While every pub has its unique charm and musical style, they all contribute to the vibrant Cardiff music scene. By immersing yourselves in these pubs, you will not only enjoy a night of lively music but also get a taste of the city's strong cultural identity. So, the next time you visit Cardiff, do make sure to experience the Welsh folk music that vibrates through the city's pubs.

A Blend of Welsh Folk Music and Sports at the Principality Stadium Area

The vicinity of the Principality Stadium, another lively area of Cardiff, is known for its thriving pub and bar scene. Here, sports and live music, including Welsh folk, go hand in hand, offering a unique experience to locals and tourists alike.

The Prince of Wales

The Prince of Wales, not too far from the Principality Stadium, is an impressive spectacle. Housed in a renovated theatre, this grand pub on St Mary Street is a part of the Wetherspoon franchise. Besides offering a delicious selection of food and drinks, The Prince of Wales regularly hosts live music events. Welsh folk music, in particular, is featured prominently, giving patrons a chance to enjoy their pints to the rhythm of authentic Welsh sounds.

Y Mochyn Du

A short distance from the city centre, you'll find Y Mochyn Du on Sophia Close. A favourite among sports fans, this traditional Welsh pub is particularly popular during rugby season. Besides its extensive menu of local ales and ciders, Y Mochyn Du prides itself on promoting Welsh language and culture. This is evident in its regular live folk music events, where passionate local musicians perform while visitors enjoy the pub's friendly, welcoming vibe.

Soak Up the Welsh Folk Music Scene in Roath and Cathays

Roath and Cathays, two of Cardiff’s most vibrant districts, are known for their youthful vibe and are great places to catch live music, especially if you're keen on exploring the Welsh folk scene.

The Flora

Nestled in the heart of Cathays, The Flora is a community-centric pub that promises a cosy and comfortable atmosphere. With its weekly line-up of live music, you can enjoy the vibrant sounds of Welsh folk music while sipping on your favourite drink. Furthermore, if you visit their website, you can stay updated on their regular events and make sure not to miss out.

The Andrew Buchan Bar

In the neighbourhood of Roath, the Andrew Buchan Bar on Albany Road is a quaint and cosy pub welcoming a diverse crowd. With live music at the heart of their offering, they frequently host Welsh folk music sessions. The pub is known for its friendly staff and the lively yet relaxed atmosphere, making it a favourite spot for both locals and visitors.


From the bustling city centre to the vibrant Cardiff Bay, from the lively St Mary Street to the quaint neighbourhoods of Roath and Cathays, Cardiff city offers a myriad of pubs hosting live Welsh folk music. Regardless of the location, each pub brings its unique charm, creating an immersive cultural experience that resonates with the city's vibrant music scene. Whether you're after a relaxing evening of laid-back folk tunes or a pulse-racing night of music and dance, Cardiff's pubs have you covered. So, next time you're in the city, make a point to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Welsh folk music that these pubs offer. From Clwb Ifor Bach to The Waterguard, these music venues will open your eyes and ears to the traditional sounds of Wales. Indulge in the city's lively music cardiff scene and make memories of a lifetime.

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